Papaya is very good for your digestive system, it contains vitamin A and C which is anti-oxidant and prevent disease.This dish provides you the goodness of papaya.


Mutton or lamb pieces 2 each 200 gm
Green papaya paste 1 cup ( chopped the papaya and make a paste with ½ cup water in mixer)
Coriander paste ½ cup
Green chilli paste 1 tsp
Onion paste 4 tbsp
Ginger paste 2 tbsp
Sour curd 1 cup
Mace 2, nutmeg ¼, cardamom 3 grind together
Mustard oil ½ cup
Salt to taste
Rose water 2 tbsp


Marinate mutton or lamb pieces with all ingredients (except grind spices and rose water) for 6 hours or overnight
Mix grind spices and place in a frying pan
Keep the pan in low heat and cook for 30 or 35 minutes until the meat becomes tender
Should cover the pan to cook fast
Add rose water and remove from the heat
Serve with paratha


Posted by Tapashi Dey
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