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This rice dish is prepared with sea foods, ripe red tomatoes which give it a shine red attractive colour, the strong smell of garlic and parsley are the main aroma of this dish.

To make the dish hot and spicy, nora (a type of round dry red pepper) is used with other ingredients.

Preparation Time = 30 minutes.
Cooking Time = 30 to 40 minutes


8 Ñoras
1 Head of garlic
3 Ripe red tomatoes
Olive Oil
A small bunch of parsley


1 medium lobster
6 Red prawns
1 Small green pepper
200 g of rice
4 tablespoon of “salmorreta”
Olive oil
A pitch saffron strand
250 gr rock fish, for the broth


The lobster is cut into pieces, I cut the head in half and the body in slices.
Peel the shrimps, but keep the heads and shells. Fry (infusion) the heads and the shells in a saucepan with oil, so that all the flavour they have, which is very intense, pass onto the oil.
When you have the shrimp’s heads already fried, put the oil aside and add the heads and the shells into the broth. You can put it a pinch of salt.
On the other hand, put the rock fish in a pot with water to boil, add the green pepper in pieces, two tablespoons of “salmorreta”, a pinch of salt, and let it cook for 30 minutes.
Next, wrap the saffron in a piece of aluminum foil and pass it through the fire to roast it a little bit. Then put the saffron in a mortar and crust it.
After that, put the rice in a bowl, saucepan, glass, etc., so that later you can calculate the amount of broth you will need, (remember it is the double amount of broth per each amount of rice.)
Now, in a saucepan (In Spain there is a special saucepan to cook this dish called “paella”), pour some of the oil of prawns and sauté the lobster and put it aside.
After that, add two tablespoons of “salmorreta”, stir and add the rice, stir a little bit more, and add the broth with the saffron diluted in a teaspoon of broth. Bring it to the boil, and cook it five minutes over a high heat and then lower it, but don’t let it stop boiling.
Stir the rice and add the lobster, and peeled prawns, and keep on the fire for fifteen minutes more, (so overall, the rice takes twenty minutes to cook).
You can leave it rest for five minutes before serving.
You can serve it with a little bit of “all i oli”, or you can add lemon juice

lobster fried rice recipe

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