Double Layer Mexican Pizza Recipe

It is a popular & lip smacking creemy cheesy double layer pizza recipe. It is very popular in Mexico.

This homemade chilli piza recipe will be liked by all the family members. The pizza can be prepared very easily.


8 inch size flour tortillas or regular pizza base 2 medium size
Chicken mince – 1 large cup
Homemade fresh garlic paste – 1 tsp or mashed 8 garlic flakes
Taco Mexican seasoning – 2 tsp
Mexican salsa – 2 tbsp
Boiled sweet corn – ½ cup
Green chili chopped – 2 tsp
Salt to taste
Olive oil – 2 tsp
Jack style cheese – ½ cup
Mixed herbs – 1 tsp
White vinegar – 1 tbsp


In a frying pan add 1 tsp olive oil and garlic paste, smoke comes out add chicken mince
Cook until chicken becomes tender, add vinegar, season with salt and Taco seasonings
Add mixed herbs for flavor
Transfer from heat
In a bowl combine corn, chili, salt, oil, taco seasoning and mixed herbs
Spread chicken mince on 4 tortillas or 1 pizza base
Cover with another tortillas or 2nd pizza base
Spread salsa sauce on the top of 2nd layers
Topping with combined corn and cheese
Transfer in oven for 5 minutes in high

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