This is a very famous dish of Burma. It generally goes with egg noodles or garlic bread, but you can try it with brown bread or your regular bread.

Indian must try with rice or roti also. It is described as spicy tarka. Chick pea flour is also used to thicker the gravy. I am using shallot but you can use red onions also.


Boneless chicken pieces – 250 gm
For blending – a) baby red onion – 2 b) ginger chopped – 1 tbsp c) garlic chopped – 1 tbsp and blend with 2 tbsp soya sauce
Coconut milk - 2 cups + 1 cup
Ancho powder or Indian red chili powder – ½ tsp
Shallot chopped – ½ cup or you can use red onions
Egg noodles – 200 gm boiled
For accompaniment, use chopped Shallots, ginger strips, dry red chilies
Cooking oil – 4 tbsp
Spring onion green – ½ cup ( 25 gm)
Salt to taste
Chick pea flour – 2 tbsp


Heat oil in a pan, break noodles into 4 inch size pieces
Fry noodles until they become crispy
Remove noodles from pan and add shallot with blended spices in the rest of oil
Add chicken pieces, ancho powder, cover the pan
Cook for about 10 minutes, add salt, simmer for 2 minutes
Add 2 cups coconut milk, simmer again and let chicken tender
In another pan, dry roast chick pea flour
In 1 cup water add chick pea flour and mix
Add that mixture to the gravy to adjust its thickness
Stirring for few minutes, now add 1 cup coconut milk and let it boil, simmer in low heat for 5 minutes
To prepare accompaniments, heat oil in another pan, add shallot, ginger & chilies
Make crispy and keep aside
In a bowl add noodles, pour chicken mixture on it and garnish with accompaniments
Sprinkle green spring onions

burmese chicken recipe

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